About Placement

GITAM University has always prided itself on the quality of the campus placements it offers to its students. The industry in and around Bangalore, and indeed many from far off, look to recruit the best brains entering the industry from GITAM University. This ensures that students at GITAM University have the pick of the kind of work that they want to do. GITAM University also offers its students training to face the job interviews and group discussions which students are expected to go through. It also ensures that all the students at GITAM University are given the ‘finishing school’ treatment in order to prepare them for the world of opportunities awaiting them. Thus GITAM University, through the Training & Placement dept. ensures the best for its students.

Highlights of Training & Placement @GITAM University -BSMS

Students get an opportunity to work in the field of their choice with industry leaders. Students recruited at GITAM University are amongst the highest paid.

Students are trained in personality development for the recruitment process. Recruiters have always found value in the quality of students at GITAM University. GITAM Universityians have gone on to add value to many billion dollar cooperation’s around the world.


  • To Organize the Campus Recruitment Programs for  M.B.A candidates.
  • To provide job opportunities to every student.
  • To help sponsorship on various projects and in-plant / internships training of student in various

Placement Cell

The Department of Training and Placement facilitates imparting the maximum employment opportunities to all the deserving candidates of final and pre-final year students of the GITAM

We CARE for the students CAREER by providing the maximum opportunities to explore their potentials in the right direction. We always look at the employability skills and try to perfectly match with the requirements of the Industry.

We impart training as a part of our curriculum to mould and shape the personalities and make the
students employable.

The industry looks mainly for two skills, from a fresh candidate, at the time of recruitment:-

1) Management Skills
2) Life Skills (Soft Skills)

Training & Placement Department

This process of Training and placement is handled by the Training & Placement Department. This Department is organized under a Training & Placement-Director , under whom there are department wise officers and student representatives who handle training and placement activity.

GITAM University is known all over India and abroad as provider of dynamic & talented Managers to the industries


BE.MS,MBA Phd(Monash University) Australia.
Training and Placement Officer
Email: tpo_blrcampus@gitam.edu
Mobile: 9738017687