GITAM is in its fruitful fourth decade of its service to higher education. Consistently recording excellent performance, the university has become a diverse and dynamic undergraduate, postgraduate and research institution and has in fact brought Visakhapatnam region to the forefront of higher education. Our innovative, collaborative and multidisciplinary approach helped us achieve an unrivalled position among the universities of the nation. Driven by the obsession to become a benchmark in higher education, the university has been steadily updating its programmes, simultaneously sophisticating its infrastructure.

It is gratifying to see that the university’s trifocal vision-teaching, research and consultancy – is yielding very promising results. With intellectual dynamism as our core competence, we transform learners into leaders to steer the future of the nation. Another major strength of GITAM is our alumni who are at the helm of affairs across the continents. The vision, vitality and values of the university that got translated into robust policy formation and execution have been instrumental for the university’s unrivalled reputation.

I welcome you to our highly prized, truly cosmopolitan and academically vibrant campuses.